Benefits Of the Handicap System

1. It allows you to compete fairly in several different formats.

2. Tracks your progress and reflects your potential

3. Easy Score Posting

You may use the app to input your scores, or you have the option to post you score in the pro

shop upon completion of your round.

4. Tournament competition for men, women, and juniors

Your Handicap Index allows you to play in tournaments and access to USGA Championships.

5. “What’s your handicap index?”

Once people find out you play golf, they’re sure to ask you this question, and now you’ll have an


6. Motivates you to improve

Because an index will track your progress, you will be motivated to continue improving.

We suggest using the handicap system to not only track the progress of your
golf game but to also open new avenues of the game you may not have
experienced yet. With a current handicap it makes every competition fair,
whether it be a league you may play in or a big tournament you’re planning on

playing in it has benefits for every golfer alike.
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